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Our Network Members

Our network is made up of restoration projects around the world. These network members deliver multi-species restoration techniques in combination with education and outreach programs for their local communities.

If you are interested in finding out more information about how to start a coral restoration project or how we can support an established project, please click below.



Reef Restoration Foundation is a not-for-profit social enterprise that is establishing ocean-based coral nurseries using a proven method, which is a part of the solution for a healthy Great Barrier Reef.



Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire is an NGO founded in 2012. The project started with just a few corals in one nursery. Today, over over 22,000 corals have been outplanted back to Bonaire’s reefs.



Reef Renewal Foundation Curacao was set-up in 2015 after seeing the success of Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire. To date, RRFC has managed to outplant over 9000 corals back to Curacao’s reefs.



Reef Renewal USA is a community effort to inspire “ownership” and renewal of Looe Key’s coral reefs, as a special asset to be treasured.