Giving Our Reefs a Helping Hand

It's time to work together.

Currently the rates of change in our environment are far outpacing the intrinsic capacity of coral reefs to survive. Science has shown that there are solutions to these problems, but we need a global network of people to put these solutions into practice.

Reef Renewal Foundation International is growing a global network of restoration projects that can provide the link between the science and global action.

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Our Mission

To build and train a global network of coral restoration projects and develop new and innovative ways to restore reefs.

We collaborate with experts to provide research driven restoration knowledge and best practices to our network members.

Get Involved

We recognise that for small restoration projects in their infancy, the marketing, fundraising and engagement programs can seem difficult to juggle when the fieldwork is the most important part. RRFI has built an integrative training approach that can be tailored to each location and project, to provide the support exactly where it is needed.

Whether it’s help with your website, reaching out to donors or implementing a restoration monitoring program, RRFI supports their network members in any way possible.

We partner with the industry's best in education, communications and research to provide the best support for our network members, so they can focus on what they’re good at: giving reefs a helping hand.

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Support out work

Globally, over 40,000 corals have been restored back to the reefs by our network members. This could not have been achieved without the generous support of our donors and sponsors.

Donating to our global network ensures that your money goes directly to helping these projects continue returning corals back to the reef.


Welcome Divi Dive Bonaire and VIP Diving
In a moment when responsible and sustainable tourism are greatly valued, Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire (RRFB) is pleased to announce the addition of Divi Dive Bonaire and VIP Diving to the list of dive operators that are supporting the island reef restoration effort. Following the example of Beyond the Corals, Buddy Dive Resort, Great Adventures ...

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Assessing reef restoration success
We are Anne Top and Sander Heijnens, two students from Wageningen University and coral lovers. After having read all about corals in the books, we thought it was time to go into action and investigate more about it for our Master thesis. So here we are on Bonaire, for three months, doing an internship with ...

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Education with a greater purpose
Education with a greater purpose
Jong Bonaire and Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire have joined forces to educate and train Bonaire’s next generation of reef protectors. As part of this new project, four students from Jong Bonaire received training to learn coral nursery maintenance, coral propagation, and outplanting techniques. The project got its start through a generous donation from the US-based ...

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