Our Mission

To protect and restore coral reefs worldwide by inspiring, training, and engaging others, developing new and innovative ways to restore reefs, demonstrating that coral reefs can still be saved, and being world leaders in coral reef education and awareness efforts to give coral reefs a chance for the future.

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We know that success in protecting and restoring pristine coral reefs can only be accomplished with the help of a strong global network. Reef Renewal builds this type of network. Together we can accomplish our goals, making a practical and positive impact on our reefs as efficiently – and as quickly as possible.

Because there is no time to waste, we can provide you with the support you will need. For example, we can assist with grant proposals, grant you access to our shared database, and teach your staff and volunteers the best methods of coral monitoring and multi-species restoration. With our help, you can spend more time getting your hands wet, doing the actual restoration work and scaling up your operations. We are here to help jump start your operations by sharing the expertise of the best and brightest in coral restoration and reliance worldwide.

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Thousands of corals are produced through fragmentation techniques in our nurseries and strategically outplanted later to local degraded reefs promoting genetic diversity

Want to help?

Our Fundraising and Adopt A Coral programs are designed to provide a tangible way to engage in Reef Renewal Foundation’s restoration efforts. When adopting through the program, you are directly funding the restoration of our reefs.


Welcome Divi Dive Bonaire and VIP Diving
In a moment when responsible and sustainable tourism are greatly valued, Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire (RRFB) is pleased to announce the addition of Divi Dive Bonaire and VIP Diving to the list of dive operators that are supporting the island reef restoration effort. Following the example of Beyond the Corals, Buddy Dive Resort, Great Adventures ...

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Assessing reef restoration success
We are Anne Top and Sander Heijnens, two students from Wageningen University and coral lovers. After having read all about corals in the books, we thought it was time to go into action and investigate more about it for our Master thesis. So here we are on Bonaire, for three months, doing an internship with ...

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Education with a greater purpose
Education with a greater purpose
Jong Bonaire and Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire have joined forces to educate and train Bonaire’s next generation of reef protectors. As part of this new project, four students from Jong Bonaire received training to learn coral nursery maintenance, coral propagation, and outplanting techniques. The project got its start through a generous donation from the US-based ...

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