How we can support your organization

We Are Guided By The Belief That Together We Can Restore Our Coral Reefs

Giving local organizations the help & expertise they need

We know that success in protecting and restoring pristine coral reefs can only be accomplished with the help of a strong global network.

Reef Renewal builds this type of network. Together we can accomplish our goals, making a practical and positive impact on our reefs as efficiently – and as quickly as possible.

Because there is no time to waste, we can provide you with the support you will need. For example, we can assist with grant proposals, grant you access to our shared database, and teach your staff and volunteers the best methods of coral monitoring and multi-species restoration.

With our help, you can spend more time getting your hands wet, doing the actual restoration work and scaling up your operations.

We are here to help jump start your operations by sharing the expertise of the best and brightest in coral restoration and reliance worldwide.

Read how we can support you in the following chapters:

Training Staff

Learn the best practices in coral restoration – from coral propagation and nursery maintenance to outplanting and monitoring – through hands-on training from the RRFI team.

Reef Renewal Diver Specialty Course

Train divers to become volunteers in restoration activities to assist with your project, using the Reef Renewal Diver course.

Over 1000 divers have already been trained into becoming valuable volunteers for coral restoration. Gain access to outlines, guidelines, and other educational materials for the specialty course.

Setting up a Volunteer Program

Recruit and coordinate volunteers to help you with maintainance of your coral nurseries, outplanted sites and other tasks needed to be done.

Setting up Internship Program

Establish your own internship program to provide educational and career development opportunities for students, while enhancing the working capacity of your organization.

Internship Exchange Program

Connect with other network members and engage in an intern exchange program designed to further the internship experience and share knowledge and skills between members.


On our website we have a donation page where anyone can make a donation. For specific purposes we can help you set up a fundraiser through our website. We can provide donation boxes to you or you can build your own with our plan.

Financial Tools
Reef Renewal Foundation International is recognized by the IRS as a non profit charitable organization. Having years of experience applying for grants, we can offer you valuable mentoring on how to write a proper grant proposal. We are signed up with Amazon Smile, PayPal Giving Fund, GoFundMe, Facebook Donations, Fidelity Charitable Giving, and Benevity.

All year round we organize several events like festivals, film nights, auctions and sports events. We engage communities in reef restoration while raising money for our cause.


Spare yourself heaps of time and use our website template as you wish; it’s easy to setup and adjustable to your own unique organization’s look. Optionally use our logo design, customized to your location. We have a growing photo library you can use and/ or contribute to.

Get more traffic to your Insta and Facebook accounts. We can help you with a strategy for planning, content and how to engage with your audience. We keep our e-newsletter subscribers up to date on the latest news while reminding them on how they can contribute to our network members. We can help you with strategies on how to get partners for your organization. Receive our advice on how to engage and inform the outside world, such as press releases.

Profit from RRFI’s recognizable branding. Let your staff, interns, volunteers and fans feel included in being part of something important, while generating income for your organization.

Monitoring Protocols

Receive monitoring protocols for nurseries and restoration sites and the tools to monitor them.

Reef Renewal Teaching Encyclopedia

This digital encyclopedia is available for instructors for reference usage. It contains in- depth information about reef restoration, coral reefs, biology, bleaching, and more. It gets revised and updated according to the latest findings.


We offer training and support with photogrammetric techniques to
efficiently and effectively monitor restoration sites. This technique allows for the collection of accurate and robust data.

Standard Operating Procudures (SOPs)

Gain access to our updated Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) on all aspects of setting up and maintaining an offshore coral nursery to supplement training.

Every single detail is explained step-by-step about all subjects, such as how to set up a coral nursery, outplanting techniques, monitoring and maintenance practices, best tools to use and much more.

Acces to a shared database

Utilize a standardized global database for all restoration activities and share data across all network members.

Local Politics

We can provide strategy on how to start building and maintaining good and lasting relationships with your local community.

School Programs

Educate your community’s students of all ages with the help of our educational material. Use our lesson plans and presentations for a special coral class day, to share knowledge with your community.

Local Community Involvement

Engage your local community and motivate them to become a valuable volunteer for your organization.

Use our hands-on activities and presentations we have designed, or use them as guidelines adjustable to your own program.

Travel & Excursion Program

This program is focused on spreading awareness to tourists. We can provide you with presentations and small workshops for travelers visiting your location.

Stakeholder Outreach

We can advice on how to reach out to stakeholders in your community. Such as marine parks, dive shops, other non-profits, fisheries and further community support.

Guidance with permit applications

We can provide guidance on how to apply for permits. Our time spent will help you save time for your organization.

Research & Development Program

Benefit from our science and research expertise. Our Bonaire Location coordinate speaks at global conferences and keeps up with new research.

We are closely tied to the world’s top coral experts. We coordinate Reef Renewal related research needs and projects across network members.

We also coordinate with outside research inquiries and opportunities. We implement and test new ideas for nurseries, outplanting, mapping, and monitoring.


Immediately connect with a global network of researchers, managers, practitioners, and educators working in coral reef restoration and conservation.

Our network of people and organizations is constantly growing. Share results and publish results, Share your results and publish them, making new monitoring data available to other researchers around the world.


Request an in-person or remote consulting from the RRFI team to assist with any needs of your project.

Join Us and Become Part of a Strong Network

We want to see all coral reefs restored and protected. That is why we want to help your organization, so positive changes can be made as fast as possible.
Use our experience, resources and tools we have developed over the years to accelerate your organization.

Becoming our member is easy. We are looking for committed members from anywhere in the world who embrace change, have open channels of communication and share our core values.

Your organization (to be) has an established structure and delegation of resources that guarantee long-term project continuity.

Of course as a network member your organization will be required to abide by local laws and regulations, as well as maintain our RRFI standards of operation.

We believe that only together, we can give our coral reefs a healthy future.