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Our network is made up of restoration projects around the world. These network members deliver multi-species restoration techniques in combination with education and outreach programs for their local communities.

Donating to one of our individual network member’s helps support their field work and ensures that they can continue giving reefs a helping hand.
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Reef Restoration Foundation is a not-for-profit social enterprise that is establishing ocean-based coral nurseries using a proven method, which is a part of the solution for a healthy Great Barrier Reef.



Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire is an NGO founded in 2012. The project started with just a few corals in one nursery. Today, over over 22,000 corals have been outplanted back to Bonaire’s reefs.



Reef Renewal Foundation Curacao was set-up in 2015 after seeing the success of Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire. To date, RRFC has managed to outplant over 9000 corals back to Curacao’s reefs.



Reef Renewal USA is a community effort to inspire “ownership” and renewal of Looe Key’s coral reefs, as a special asset to be treasured.